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Skywater, a novel
“This spare and affecting over has the precision and the stinging sweetness of a fable… A wonderful book.”

— Thomas McGuane

“With dramatic urgency and imaginative tenderness, Melinda Popham has given the world a painful, poetic, and delightfully unpredictable story that pulsates with hope and healing meaning.”

— Al Young, California State Poet, Emeritus

“A parable of making the best of a world short of everything. The people and the creatures of Ms. Popham’s fable are right, they belong, and they mean.”

— Wallace Stegner

“Refreshing… Life-affirming… Full of quiet but deep emotion… The first book I’ve read in a long time that left me with teary eyes at the end.”

The San Diego Tribune

“Rich with poetic resonance.”

Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Masterful… Astonishing… Remarkable… Put down the latest techno thriller and bask awhile in the descriptive prose of Skywater.”

L.A. Life


A Blank Book, a novel

    • “Centering Prayer: A Student’s Perspective,” Berkeley at Yale periodical, Summer 2001 issue (feature)
    • “Shadowboxing with God,” The World & I, A Publication of The Washington Times, June 1992 (feature-length article)
    • Skywater, excerpts:
      The World and I, September 1990
      Read, Vol. 41 No. 16, April 10, 1990
    • Oui Magazine, foreign correspondent, 1975-77
Essays in Collections
  • “Malibu DPs,” A Place Called Home: Twenty Writing Women Remember,” Mickey Pearlman editor; St. Martin’s Press, 1996
  • “Stripes,” Between Friends: Writing Women Celebrate Friendship,” Mickey Pearlman, editor; Houghton Mifflin Co., 1994
  • Listen to Their Voices: Twenty Interviews with Women Who Write, Mickey Pearlman, editor; W.W. Norton & Co., 1993